Message From New President Kiyotaka Ise

Mission as President

Could you tell us, in a few words, about your feelings on being appointed President and your vision for the future?

It is a great honor to be entrusted with the important role of President during a once-in-a-century era of dramatic changes. For the further development of the Aisin Group, I would like to accelerate the changes initiatived by previous President Mr. Ihara.

Unite the strengths of the group to move in the same direction

Please talk about your relationship with and impressions of the Aisin Group

I first engaged with the Aisin Group during my fourth and fifth years after joining Toyota Motor Corporation, when actuators made by Aisin Seiki were adopted for development of a traction control system. Also, around 2003, I had a lot of involvement with Aisin’s sliding doors, as I was in charge of managing the chief engineers*2 (referred to below as “CE”) for RAV4, Porte, and all domestic (Japanese) minivans

The biggest surprise for me in coming to Aisin Seiki is the large number of Group companies in various countries and the diversity of products they handle. However, a large number of Group companies and a wide range of products can be a double-edged sword. I believe that because we are in a time of dramatic change, it is vital that we do not move off in different directions, but unite our strengths and keep moving in the same direction together.